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Festival of Literature and Thought of the “Contact Zones”

With simultaneous translation and livestream

20 Jun 2015 – 21 Jun 2015

Archive-House (Gulbenkian Garden)

Free admission

In 2015, the Next Future’s Festival of Literature and Thought features five sessions where political and artistic concerns in the Mediterranean region and in Central America, and other "zones of contact", will be discussed. These sessions will take place in the Archive-House, built in the Garden using materials from previous Next Future editions. This is a way of remembering the hundreds of people who have been involved in this programme over the past seven years of debates, productions, creations, film screenings, parties, and other events.

Festa da Literatura e do Pensamento
Festival of Literature and Thought (The State of the Arts/2014) © Tatiana Macedo

1st Session | 20 june | 11:00

The Arab Spring: 4 years later. With Sami Ménif (moderator/France), Héla Ammar (Tunisia), Kamel Daoud (Algeria) and Abdelhak Serhane (Marocco).

2nd Session | 20 june | 17:00

Literature from the Contact Zones (Mediterranean and Central America). With Isabel Lucas (moderator/Portugal), José Manuel Prieto (Cuba), Tiphanie Yanique (Caribbean) and Francisco Goldman (USA).

3rd Session | 20 june | 19:00

Poetry of the Contact ZonesWith Clara Caldeira (moderator/Portugal), António José Ponte (Cuba), Haris Vlavianos (Greece) and Maria do Rosário Pedreira (Portugal).  

4th Session | 21 june | 11:00

Politics and Thought. With Ricardo Alexandre (moderator/Portugal), Malek Chebel (Algeria) and Ilka Treminio (Costa Rica).

5th Session | 21 june | 17:00

40 Years of Literature in the Former Colonies. With Ana Maria Martinho (moderator/Portugal), Vera Duarte (Cape Verde), José Luís Mendonça (Angola) and Francisco Esaú Cossa (Mozambique).