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Festival of literature and thought of south of Africa

21 Jun 2013 – 23 Jun 2013


Free admission

In 2012, we organised a public debate about the specific cultural, political and artistic issues facing North Africa and the Middle East. This year, we will be holding a similar type of debate, but on this occasion it will be wider-reaching and will focus on the region of the south of Africa, or, in other words, the broader region of Southern Africa. 1994 was the year that marked the end of apartheid in Africa, with Frederik Willem de Klerk relinquishing his hold on power and with Nelson Mandela being elected president. But this was not only the end of an inhuman regime for South Africa: it had repercussions all over Africa, and, above all, in the region of Southern Africa. Nineteen years later, what is the panorama facing these countries in Southern Africa? What improvements have there been? What dynamics exist? What frustrations have been built up? What prospects are there for the next future? A vast group of leading figures from this area and specialists who monitor the dynamics of these countries have been invited to discuss these questions by taking part in this Festival of Literature and Thought of south of Africa.

Calvin Dondo "Frieburg" 2010

© Calvin Dondo, "Frieburg", series "New German Family", 2010.

1st session: The state of arts
21 June 2013, 7 pm

Lígia Afonso [moderator] (Portugal) / Patricia Hayes (South Africa) / Joan Legalamitlwa (South Africa) / Tiago Correia-Paulo (Mozambique)

(simultaneous translation EN-PT & vice-versa)

2nd session: Literature
22 June 2013, 6 pm

Teolinda Gersão [moderator] (Portugal) / Ondjaki (Angola) / Ivan Vladislavic (South Africa) / Binyavanga Wainaina (Kenya)

(simultaneous translation EN-PT & vice-versa)

3rd session: Thought and politics
23 June 2013, 4 pm

Cristina Peres [moderator] (Portugal) / Elisabete Azevedo-Harman (Portugal) / Elísio Macamo (Mozambique) / Harry Garuba (Nigeria) / João Paulo Borges Coelho (Mozambique)

(simultaneous translation EN-PT & vice-versa)

4th session: Poetry [with poetry readings in Portuguese and English]
23 June 2013, 6 pm

Golgona Anghel [moderator] (Portugal) / Joan Metelerkamp (South Africa) / Peter Kagayi (Uganda) / Tj Dema (Botswana) / Vonani Bila (South Africa)

(simultaneous translation EN-PT & vice-versa)