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Development Challenges: Social Transformations and Next Future

Victor Borges

30 Jun 2010 - 18:30

Auditorium 2

Free admission

Are the exogenous and global transformations of the world, the development agendas of Governments and the internal and profound tendencies of societies spontaneously compatible and/or capable of coexisting harmoniously? Do globalisation and specifically, the ICT revolution leave room and credibility for “society projects”? To let things happen or make them happen in the “next future”? That’s the question!

How to anticipate or create the “next future” without falling into the trap of messianism or pointless resistance to the growing power – political, social and magic seductor – of science and technology over individuals and societies? What are the implications for the governance of these countries (developed and developing) and for international cooperation relations? The lesson aims to debate the (non)acceptance of the idea (or illusion) of managing societal transformations, the challenges, dilemas and limits for the agents of change (teleologic) – the “developers”.

VICTOR BORGES was born in Assomada, Cape Verde, in 1965. He is member of the Board of Administration for the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, in Hamburg. A graduate in Psychology at Paris University, he studied his doctorate degree in Education and Development at the same university. He was Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities, Minister for Education and Human Resources Development and Minister of Education, Culture and Sport. Worth noting among his many areas of interest and intervention are, educational planning and reform, culture and social changes and social, local and urban development.