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Sergio Castro


2009, Colour, 70 min

1 Jul 2010 - 22:00

Open-Air Amphitheatre

Paseo, by Sergio Castro San-Martin, is a film that only lasts for one hour, but is nonetheless immense. It starts out as an on the road film, taking us along the motorway that links Santiago to the north of Chile, passing through the foothills of the Cordillera. A mother takes her teenage son to visit his father, from whom she separated ten years ago.

The dialogues are only the barest and most essential ones, short and direct. The sound that accompanies the whole film is a carefully composed score made up of the sounds of the motorway, the barking of dogs, the sound of the steel mill where the boy’s father works, the sound of splashing in the lake, the sound of the Pacific waves (how cold the sea must be when we hear this sound), the teenager’s panting with desire. The result is that the spectator internalises the film in a subtle way and becomes an accomplice in this sense of interiority. Once again, in this film (as in much of the present-day Chilean cinema), the father is absent, and it is the mother who makes the decisions. In this surprising narrative, after she has taken her son to meet his father, the mother ends up setting out alone, leaving him in the care of his father on a day when the latter teaches his son how to shoot with his rifle. The film won the Special Prize of the Jury at the 2009 Chile Film Festival – Sanfic5 – and has been selected for screening at the most important independent film festivals.