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Fallen Angels' Paradise

Oussama Fawzi


26 Jun 2012 - 22:00

Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre

Admission 3 €

A homeless dies from an overdose... His pals reject the idea of not being able to see him alive. Tabl – ‘drum’ is the nick-name – who left his luxurious life, his job and family, choosing the life of anarchy and madness among a band of lost souls.

Fallen Angels' Paradise

Mounir Rasmi (his original name) was only ten years ago an ideal father, a good husband, and a normal human being. The game with death begins. What is truer than death? This other life is so true, although immobile. Tabl is there, all through this underground story, illustrating a hallucinating illogical present, facing a past of welfare and easy life. The present tense is always used and the pals do all what is in their power to postpone the separation. A movie where discipline becomes anarchy, chaos, reality and where the fallen angels create their own paradise, imposing their laws, norms, pleasure, and desires. A film where Cairo is the city of nowhere.