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El cuaderno de barro, by Isaki Lacuesta

Cycle of short and mid-length films and a slideshow (3rd session)

Duration: 60’

6 Sep 2015 - 18:30

Archive-House (Gulbenkian Park)

Free admission

More than twenty years ago, the painter Miquel Barceló travelled by truck through the Sahara desert, from Algeria to Mali. At the end of the trip, his way of painting and his life had changed. He decided to establish his studio on a high cliff top in Dogon Country, where he continues to spend long periods. The Clay Diaries is a documentary that, for the first time, reveals the work and daily life of Miquel Barceló in Dogon Country. At certain moments, its style recalls the films of Jean Rouch, including the preparation and final performance of the show Paso Doble for a Dogon audience.

El cuaderno de barro © Isaki Lacuesta

"El cuaderno de barro", 2011

A documentary by Isaki Lacuesta with Miquel Barceló / Production: Tusitala P. C. / Executive Production: Luisa Matienzo / Director: Isaki Lacuesta / Guideline: Isabel Campo / Direction of Photography: Diego Dussuel / Setting: Lupe Pérez García / Production: Ingrid Fdez. De Castro / Dir. Assistant: Luis Bertolo / Credits: Miquel Barceló, Josef Nadj, Alain Mahé.