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El-Banate Dol – These Girls

Tahani Rached

documentary, 2005, 68’
original language: Arabic

5 Jul 2012 - 22:00

Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre

Admission 3 €

“El-Banate Dol -These Girls” plunges us into the universe of girls living in the streets of Cairo, a universe of violence and oppression, as well as freedom. 

Whether they are women, children or mothers, Tata, Mariam and Abeer live only in the present. Their days are full of perils, fights, dances, laughs… and solidarity. El-Banate Dol also tells the story of their encounter with Hind - a luminous person, a practicing veiled Moslem animated by the universal principles of respect of the person. It is a world, invisible to indifferent eyes, that witnesses the vital and secret workings of society.