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Burned Hearts

Ahmed El Maanouni

fiction, 2007, 84’
original languages: English/French/Arabic

5 Jul 2012 - 22:00

Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre

Admission 3 €

Amin, a young architect who lives in Paris, returns suddenly to Fès, Morocco where his uncle is dying. He did not speak to the man who brought him up since he left his hometown Fès ten years earlier to study and settle in Paris. 

The visits of the young architect at the hospital and the sight of children put to work at an early age revive the deep wounds of his painful childhood. His long-time friend, the craftsman Aziz, exhorts him not to surrender to the resentment of the past. The uncle’s death does not soothe the young man’s agonies forcing him to find his own answers within his soul.