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Barcearia, by João Dongo & António Júlio Duarte

Cycle of short and mid-length films and a slideshow (2nd session)

Duration: 60' (loop)

5 Sep 2015 - 18:30

Archive-House (Gulbenkian Park)

Free admission

This is a work about business establishments in the city of Mindelo on the Island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. Located in working class neighbourhoods, these shops are characterised by the variety of products and services they offer and for being places where residents meet and relate to each other. Photographed with compact digital cameras, this project is a collaboration between João Dongo and António Júlio Duarte, which was produced for the Cape Verde International Photography Festival in September 2014.

Barcearia © João Dongo & António Júlio Duarte

"Barcearia", Mindelo, 2014.

Slideshow of 133 photographs by João Dongo & António Júlio Duarte.

In collaboration with the Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Cabo Verde.