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Variações da Fé ("Variations of Faith")

Hélène Veiga Gomes

Curator: António Pinto Ribeiro

Opening at 4pm

20 Oct 2012 – 16 Feb 2013

CARPE DIEM – Arte e Pesquisa

Free admission

A corridor, an antechamber, another, the main hall. A poster of Mecca. A source of water. In the distance, the voice calling the faithful. ”Variations of Faith” is an installation that sets out to recreate the symbolic spaces of a contemporary mosque. In researching the ritual dimension of Muslim worship, Hélène Veiga Gomes worked on the basis of how to transpose the prayer room to the exhibition room, thereby setting up an experiment in the reformulation of the elements needed for prayer. The ablutions, the removal of shoes and prayer are the three moments staged in this re-enactment, suggesting a gradual demystification of the different sacred elements in order to return to the central issue: how to think about faith.

Hélène Veiga Gomes

HÉLÈNE VEIGA GOMES (Paris, 1986) has studied Languages and Literature, Moving Image and, principally, Anthropology. Currently working on her thesis in Anthropology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, in Paris, on a bursary from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. In recent years she has engaged theoretically and practically with photography and video, working at a number of festivals of documentary films. Combining anthropology and art, she created the exhibition “INTENDENTE(s)”, presented in Largo do Intendente, in Lisbon, an area that inspires her various projects underway.

Exhibition in partnership with CARPE DIEM –Arte e Pesquisa
Rua de O Século, 79, Bairro Alto, Lisboa – PORTUGAL
Timetable: Wed-Sat, 1pm to 7pm / Phone (+351) 21 1924175
Email: [email protected]