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Still Life


18 Jun 2010 – 30 Sep 2010

Lake, east side

Free admission

Barrão (Rio de Janeiro, 1959) has long been taking the functional purpose away from utensils and affording them a special fun quality, creating objects that are imbued with a capacity for inspiring dreams, delirium and fantasy. The pottery pieces that he has recently produced, resulting from collages of the most diverse forms and utensils made of porcelain and clay, are built with a sense of humour, with elegance and delicacy.

Photo by Márcia Lessa

There is a playful side to these works, together with a wish that everything can be combined and recombined, just as is achieved by the Rio de Janeiro group Chelpa Ferro, of which the artist is a member. Fantasy is more than a theme, a possibility of art in Barrão’s universe. The sculpture created expressly for the garden from Portuguese pottery shows the humorous grace of his brightly coloured works, being simultaneously a very subtle game between manufactured articles and nature, between order and mess, between order and accident.

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