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Nuno Viegas


22 Jun 2012 – 30 Sep 2012

Jardim Gulbenkian

Free admission

The RV has particularly interested me as a nomadic object.

In this sense, the accumulation of bags in a small boat is an allusion to migration, which often is so precarious, and illegal, crossing borders and reducing the human dimension to a simple object value or to a load value.

NUNO VIEGAS (Portugal, 1977) took part, in 2000, in the Commemorative Exhibition of the 10th Anniversary of Arte Periférica Gallery, in Lisbon and performed the Exhibition of finalists for the award CELPA - Vieira da Silva, Arpad-Szénes/Vieira da Silva Foundation, Lisbon. We stand out his solo exhibitions in the Arte Periférica Gallery: “A of Animal” and “Paraphernalia” (2011), “Fear and Trembling” (2009), “The cloud stain” (2008), “Precipitated” (2006), “Lava” (2003), and “Capture” (2002). Participation in the following collective exhibitions: Stand Arte Periférica in Madrid - ARCO'03, ARCO'04 and ARCO'05, in the Lisbon Congress Centre as well as in the Lisbon International Fair – Arte Lisboa, between 2001 and 2010. In 2005, he elaborates the illustration of the magazine “Colóquio Letras” from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.