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8th Bamako Photography Encounters - Biennial of African Photography

14 May 2011 – 28 Aug 2011

Rooms 1 and -1

Admission 4 €

The exhibition continues of photographs by African and Afro-American artists, resulting from the 8th Bamako Photography Encounters, the most important biennial of African photography. There are scores of photographs and videos by 53 photographers, all of them touching on the theme of “Borders”.

Kader Attia

The question, which is approached from all kinds of different angles using a variety of techniques, continues to be highly relevant in the modern-day globalised world, but it appears here associated in a most particular way with suffering and exclusion, the hope and the utopias of those who live in Africa or are part of the African Diaspora. Counteracting what has been the custom for many years, with images of Africans and their reality being presented by non-African photographers and film directors, on this occasion there is a discourse of photography and images produced by those who live in this continent or who have returned to where they belong and made their own representation of that reality.