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Artists Engaged? Maybe

Curator: António Pinto Ribeiro

Thursday - Sunday | 10h - 18h

Free admission on Sundays

Closed on Mondays

20 Jun 2014 – 7 Sep 2014

Galeria de Exposições Temporárias – Edifício Sede - Piso 0 e Jardim

Admission 4 €

“We who wished
To lay the foundation of kindness
Could not ourselves be kind.”

Brecht “To Those Born After“ *

The Night of the Long Knives III, 2013 Archival inkjet print on Photograph Baryta Edition  of 5 202 x 157 cm  Cortesia Athi Patra Ruga e Whatiftheworld Gallery

The Night of the Long Knives III, 2013
Edition of 5
202 x 157 cm

Cortesy Athi Patra Ruga and Whatiftheworld Gallery

Exhibition presenting international visual arts works departing from the idea of artists’ engagement with the present. In a world of turbulence and programmatic suspension the artists respond with a multiplicity of possibilities. With Works by Athi-Patra Ruga, Berna Reale, Bouchra Khalili, Bruno Boudjelal, Celestino Mondlane, Conrad Botes, Demián Flores, Eduardo Basualdo, Eva Grubinger, Fredy Alzate, Johanna Calle, João Ferro Martins, Luiz Zerbini, Miguel Jara, Paul Edmunds, Pedro Barateiro, Raul Mourão, Sandra Monterroso, Simon Gush, Solon Ribeiro, Wim Botha.

* Ach, wir Die wir den Boden bereiten wollten für Freundlichkeit Konnten selber nicht freundlich sein.“