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Alminhas (Shrines)

Catarina Branco


21 Jun 2013 – 29 Sep 2013

Jardim Gulbenkian

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Catarina Branco develops her work from the basis of the plasticity of everyday life and the popular imagination, establishing inner relationships for this purpose. Her emotions and the use of paper cut-outs, as a technique that she inherited from her forebears, have enabled her to interpret the stories of a people as portrayed in its most diverse forms. The four Shrines appear in different areas of the garden, preferably in places where the vegetation is at its most dense, in the midst of small copses, as these are places of relaxation, serenity, apparitions, revelations and reconciliation, where people are almost obliged to stop for a while and engage in reflection.

Catarina Branco

CATARINA BRANCO (São Miguel/Azores, 1974)

She grew up at Fenais da Luz, a rural village, on the north coast of São Miguel, circumstance that has influenced her artistic work. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon University. Since 2000, Catarina has participated in different solo and group exhibitions, using the paper cutting as a privileged resource.