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Abrigo Sublocado


16 Jun 2011 – 30 Sep 2011

Gulbenkian Garden

Free admission

Márcio Mendanha de Queiroz, who signs his works with the name Kboco, was born in Goiânia, in Brazil, in 1978, and currently lives and works in São Paulo. He began by painting graffiti on the walls of Goiânia and Olinda, until he was invited to work with the galleries of São Paulo and immediately started to exhibit his work at biennials and in international museums.


Readers of the Next Future newspaper already know him through a drawing that was used to illustrate the workshop on Happiness, in one of its previous issues. Despite his having begun drawing with graphite pencils very early on in his career, he also studied painting; his canvas and paper works are explicitly geometrical and arabesque, with a palette of colours ranging from those of the Goiás hinterland region to the warm colours normally associated with Africa. For this edition of the event, Kboco has expressly created a piece in which, together with the use of his graphite drawing technique, he introduces a subtle irony through architecture.

Result of a partnership with the CARPE DIEM – Arte e Pesquisa (Art and Research), Kboco installation will be in this space open to visitors from September 7, 2011. For more information and timetables just click