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A South American totem created for the Gardens

Project by Subvert

This Totem hosts the Festival of Literature and Thought of Latin America, between the 20th and 22nd June 2014.

20 Jun 2014 – 30 Sep 2014

Jardim da Fundação - Free Admission

This proposal was born of a will to fantasize a whole continent – South America – in an architectonic object. 

totem por subvert

This exercise on constructing in public space departed from the idea of a shed as a space that protects and welcomes, coupled with the concept of a totem. This way, the totem assumes itself as an architectonic element, an object and materialization of that continent: a parallelepipedic cascade that emerges in the garden mirroring its surroundings (concretely the Gulbenkian Gardens, symbolically the Amazonian Forest); a physical porched tower, contrasting with the soil, which allows people to experience its interior.