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9th Edition of the Bamako Photography Encounters

Opening: 21 June, 10 pm

22 Jun 2013 – 1 Sep 2013

Main building - temporary exhibitions gallery, Floor 00

Admission 3 €

It is the exhibition of the 9th edition of the Bamako Photography Encounters that is presented here. The theme proposed to the photographers was “For a sustainable world”. In a continent where, in many countries, they are still far from reaching the minimum levels set by the Kyoto Agreement, choosing a theme of this nature, with all the implications that it has in terms of environmental policy, economic decisions, environmental protection, and agricultural, fishing and industrial regulations, is, to say the very least, a revolutionary proposal. And this was how the scores of photographers that took part in this exhibition with hundreds of photographs and videos, offered visitors the chance to see the state of the world, where, to quote the curators, “being on Earth and living together” remain obvious notions that immediately call for drastic solutions.

Michket Krifa and Laura Serani (curators)

Lieu Botha

© Lieu Botha, "Lebo and Ntombe", series "Parrot Jungle", 2009.

MICHKET KRIFA (Tunisia, 1960)

Artistic co-director of the 8th and 9th Bamako Encounters, lives and works in Paris. An independent visual-arts curator in the Middle East and Africa, her sensitivity led her on several occasions to organize themed exhibitions on Iran, Tunisia and Algeria, including many exhibitions on representation and women issues. Michket Krifa has also been responsible for collective and monographic exhibitions, in particular featuring the works of Youssef Nabil, Zineb Sedira, Abbas, Jellel Gastelli, Jananne Al Ani and Shadi Ghadirian. She is the author of several articles, essays and works on photography and the visual arts; she collaborates with many well-known institutions and events in Europe and around the World. Michket Krifa is the editorial and artistic director of books on photography.

LAURA SERANI (Italy, 1955)

Italian artistic co-director of the 8th and 9th Bamako Encounters, lives in Paris. An international exhibit, audiovisual and editorial-writing projects curator with a career filled with collaborations (Arles Encounters, PhotoEspaña, the Moscow Biennial, Maison Européenne de la Photographie), Laura Serani was the artistic delegate of Photo Month in Paris in 2008, and director of the SiFest in Italy in 2007 and 2008. Between 1985 and 2006, she was Head of the Photography Collection of Fnac and Fnac Photo Galleries in France and internationally. She works with several publishing houses and writes numerous publications along with “La photographie entre histoire et poésie”, “Istanbul”, d’Ara Güler, “La vie en rose”, de Malick Sidibé.