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Youth, Waithood, And Protest Movements In Africa

Os movimentos juvenis de protesto em África e não só, analisados pela socióloga moçambicana Alcinda Honwana, na sua participação na Conferência Europeia de Estudos Africanos em Lisboa, em Junho passado. Uma comunicação importante para a compreensão das crises e revoltas em curso.

"Many young activists denounce old-style party politics and object to being manipulated by politicians, whom they regard as corrupt and self-serving. They consciously distance themselves from partisan politics, refusing to transform their movements into formal parties. In Tunisia, young activists continue to exert their veto power in the streets, and many refrain from participating in the partisan manoeuvring that has preoccupied the transitional government and the opposition parties in recent times (Honwana 2013). Similarly, the activists of Y’en a Marre in Senegal declined to join Macky Sall’s cabinet or to form their own party. Even those young activists who hold party memberships often complain that their voices are ignored."

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