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"YES Africa Can", World Bank Publications

Drawing on the existing knowledge of African development from previous publications, Yes Africa Can: Success Stories from a Dynamic Continent takes an in-depth look at 26 economic and social development successes in Sub-Saharan African countries—twenty from individual countries and six that cut across the region. These stories manifest at the project, provincial, sub-national, national, or regional level and across themes, programs, and sectors. The book aims to address how Sub-Saharan African countries have overcome major development challenges.

The main components of each case study include:

  1. a description of the achievement and the elements that qualify the outcome as successful;

  2. an assessment of the main policies, interventions, actions, and other factors that contributed to the positive outcome;

  3. a presentation of the lessons learned and the contribution to the discourse on African development; and

  4. insights on the usability or applicability of the achievement in terms of the potential for scaling up the interventions and actions.

Individual case studies also examine the role of the key stakeholders-the government, donors, or private investors-in facilitating and promoting the achievement. The studies are classified into four categories: overcoming or avoiding massive government failure, rebuilding or creating a government, rationalizing government involvement in markets, and listening to the people.

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