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Notícias de Cuba

Published19 Feb 2013

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Durante vários anos Yoani Sánchez deixou no seu blog Generacion Y as suas notícias desde Habana. Em 2010 foi considerada pela Revista Time como uma das 100 personalidades mais influentes do mundo. Agora, após 21 recusas, Yoani viu autorizada a sua saída do país, com direito ao regresso.

"The first surprise in the program was at Jose Marti airport in Havana when, after passing through the immigration booth, several passengers began to approach me and offer displays of their solidarity. The affection grew as the journey progressed and in Panama I met some very affectionate Venezuelans as well… although they asked me please not to put the pictures with them on Facebook… so they won’t have problems in their own country. After that stage I flew in a larger plane to Brazil with a mental and physical sense of decompression. As if I had been submerged too long without being able to breathe and now had managed to take a deep breath."

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