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"Here’s my point" - Notícias de Veneza

Published31 May 2013

Tags Bienal de Veneza Sean O'Tolle

A Bienal de Veneza vista por Sean O'toole, o crítico de arte e editor sul africano. Um texto importante para compreender a presença da arte africana nesta bienal.

"This year, the fifty-fifth iteration of Venice’s sprawling art extravaganza, Africa is nonetheless a leading presence. Six African states – Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe – will host national pavilions. Of these, Ivory Coast and Angola will be hosting a pavilion for the first time. Photographer Edson Chagas will represent the oil-rich Lusophone country that in 2007 was at the centre of a fuss when the controversial African Pavilion showcased the work of Luanda-based Congolese businessman Sindika Dokolo, whose African Collection of Contemporary Art included work acquired by German shoemaker and collector Hans Bogatzke. "

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