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O mercado da arte segundo os países de origem

Published3 Jul 2015

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De que forma a origem geográfica dos artistas condiciona o valor das obras no mercado mundial? Como é que esse aspecto influencia as economias? Quais são os países mais valorizados? É o tema do artigo do site Hyperalergic, que se refere a um site dedicado a comparar mercados em várias áreas.  

Still, aside from being pretty, the maps offer some insightful observations of the art market: as notes, buyers tend to assign the greatest value to Western — and largely European — works: according to its numbers, paintings by Munch, Warhol, Klimt, van Gogh, Monet, Ruben, and Modigliani claim the top ten positions. The most expensive painting from Asia is reportedly Zhang Daqian’s “Lotus and Mandarin Ducks,” which sold for $24,551,210 — or less than 14 percent of Picasso’s price tag. Chilean artist Robert Matta claims the highest value for a South American work for “La révolte des contraires,” which raked in $5,010,500; just $35,000 shy of Matta’s painting is the highest-selling one from Africa: South African artist Irma Stern’s “Arab Priest.” Matta and Stern’s paintings each amount to less than three percent the cost of the Picasso.

Discrepancies aside, the study concludes that the maps illustrate “the accumulation of wealth in rich nations,” showing the increasing value of artworks as investments rather than objects appreciated solely for aesthetic reasons.

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