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Do Cabo para Nova Iorque

As estranhas figuras da sul africana Jane Alexandre deixam a Cidade do Cabo e apresentam-se no Museum for African Art. As suas composições fotográficas e instalações podem ser vistas até final de Julho em Nova Iorque

"In the Cathedral’s East End, a new installation by the South African artist Jane Alexander, organized by the Museum for African Art, adds another layer to the experience. ”Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope)” is a spellbinding and somewhat unsettling collection of humanoid sculptures and photomontages of these perplexing figures captured in stark, often banal landscapes. The creatures — made of fiberglass — are simultaneously foreign and familiar, formed from a hodgepodge of disparate animal parts. They are imaginary beings, but “you have the sensation that you know that animal,” says Josep Subirós, a Spanish writer and philosopher who curated the exhibition and who is a longtime admirer of Alexander’s work."

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