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A influência asiática na estética colonial das Américas

Published12 Aug 2015

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A exposição Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia apresenta-se em Boston a partir de dia 18 de Agosto, com 90 objectos que dão conta da influência asiática na estética colonial nas Américas.

“Many people are aware of the China Trade story of the 19th century, but in fact the history of direct trade between Asia and the Americas goes back much further, to the founding of the colonial Americas in the 16th century,” Carr explained. “The United States had its own moment of direct trade with Asia just after the American Revolution, but in places like Mexico or Brazil, the connection goes back centuries earlier.”

Examples of this exchange include porcelain imported to Peru in the 16th century, and an Indian embroidered bed cover that arrived in Boston in the 18th century. In a 12-foot Japanese screen entitled “The Southern Barbarians Come to Trade,” Portuguese traders disembark in Japan, their tight leggings leading up to billowing pants exaggerated in the detailed painting.

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