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África in Motion

Estão abertas as candidaturas para curtas-metragens no festival escocês África in MotionTwende, palavra swahili que se poderia traduzir por "Vamos!"é o mote da edição de 2013 que decorre de 24 de Outubro a 1 de Novembro.

"The main aims of the festival have been, since its inception, to introduce Scottish audiences to the brilliance of African cinema and to overcome the under-representation and marginalisation of African film in British film-going culture. We believe that the best way to learn about Africa is to listen to African voices and to view representations created by African themselves, as these often counter the stereotypical representations we see from Africa in mainstream media in the West. But our main reason for screening the films is because we believe they are great films which should be seen the world over. Over the past seven years we have screened close to 300 African films to audiences totalling around 20,000 people!"

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