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"Summertime and the living is easy on Gorée Island"

Published19 Nov 2013

Imagem da praia da ilha de Gorée, Senegal.

Fabrice Monteiro, "A Gorean summer" (imagem retirada do portal Another Africa)

Há dois anos, o fotógrafo Fabrice Monteiro, que reside em Dakar, iniciou um projecto que pretendia explorar o conceito de "joie de vivre" nas sociedades africanas, e em especial na sociedade senegalesa. 

He found inspiration for the photo essay A Gorean Summer on the beaches of Gorée Island. That this story begins on a small tract of land with a dark and sordid history, as a gateway for slave trade, should not be lost to our collective memory. Yet without trivializing the past it is possible to move forward, and in Monteiro’s images this takes shape in the gentle embrace of lovers, summer days where youth gather around impromptu dance offs and quiet moments lulled by lapping waves.

Leiam o artigo do portal Another Africa.