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Os escritores da diaspora zimbabweana

Published7 Mar 2014

Brian Chikwava

The diaspora novel is not a new phenomenon in the relatively small body of Zimbabwean literature as Dambudzo Marechera’s posthumous publication, The Black Insider (1992) and Wilson Katiyo’s Going to Heaven (1979) stand out from those writers who were forced into exile by different but more horrible circumstances of colonial apartheid. DE Mutasa’s Nyambo DzeJoni (2000) is a recent Shona account of life down south.

But what is also uniquely apparent is that the diaspora novel is becoming the dominant genre of contemporary Zimbabwean writing. Those writers who are giving a global face to Zimbabwean literature are ensconced outside, far from the madding crowds of Harare or Bulawayo, not witness to the buzz, the gossip, the scandals. Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything.

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