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África é o assunto

Published5 Apr 2013

Detail from the cover of Kaleidoscope, issue 15, 2012. © Cover image Kaleidoscope

Um artigo de Sean O'Tolle acerca do interesse crescente sobre África e a forma como são escritos textos, construídas retóricas e definidos alguns "postulados" em torno da africanidade, arte e artistas.

"This is how it usually goes. An e-mail arrives from some curator’s assistant or editorial intern informing you that Europe is interested in featuring Africa – in their magazine, on their museum wall, somewhere important. Oh yeah, you reply, if they want geography they can buy a spade and go dig for sand themselves. No, they reply, flustered, they want people, names, e-mail addresses, jpegs, contacts. For mahala(Zulu: free), because Africa is open source, has always been. After a couple of these familiar shakedowns, you get clever."

O artigo completo pode ler-se aqui